Insurance Ad Promises Coverage for Cars Sliced in Half by Lightsabers

Hey, you never know

Headshot of Tim Nudd

Lots of insurance policies promise protection from unexpected mayhem. Only DBS in Singapore claims to cover cars sliced in half by lightsabers. And to advertise that promise, Tribal DDB put together quite the eye-catching display: an actual car cut in half and lying in a parking spot. A QR code on the car led curious passersby to the video below, showing a couple of dudes horsing around with lightsabers and precipitating the accident. The footage appears to have been captured by an in-camera, which is part of the ad's offer: Those who sign up for DBS insurance by the end of the year will get a free in-car camera worth $129. The advertiser is promising two more stunts in the coming weeks. Hopefully one of them will show a car waiting snug inside a Tauntaun for a tow truck after breaking down. Credits after the jump.


Client: DBS

Creative Agency: Tribal DDB Singapore

Media Agency: MPG Singapore

Chief Creative Officer: Neil Johnson

Creative Director: Thomas Yang, Francis Ooi

Art Director: Benson Toh

Copywriter: Theresa Ong

Photography: Allan Ng

Producer: Michelle Tan

Accounts Team: Anthony Wan, Joshua Lee, Jasmine Ng

Production Company: CRITICA

Additional credits: Ng Kok Jong, Ellyna Rahim, Pierce Sim, Ng Hwei Yun, Edwyna Yeo

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.