Instagrammers Are Being Lured to ‘the World’s Most Epic Pop-Up’ on Nov. 6 (at Every Polling Place)

Millennials try speaking their own language to get out the vote

If you love waiting in line for a limited-time, VIP experience, this campaign has the perfect event in mind.
Gold Front

If you like limited-time pop-ups that make for great Instagram fodder and seem to attract every celebrity in America, then look no further than the Museum of Voting.

Happening only on Nov. 6, it has the vibe of an immersive democratic experience where your decisions have highly realistic consequences—because it is, and they do. In fact, the whole thing is better known by its more traditional name “Election Day in the U.S.”

Satirical in tone but sincere in its purpose, the Museum of Voting—described as “the world’s most epic pop-up experience” and named as a reference to the trend-setting Museum of Ice Cream—is a get-out-the-vote campaign by San Francisco creative studio Gold Front. Like most snarky generational marketing, it’s likely to rub some the wrong way, but the intent is to cut through the usual civic-duty rhetoric by focusing on some of today’s hottest trends among this year’s most key voting demographic: millennials.

(Note: Some of the language in the promotional video is nsfw.)

“Millennials will soon surpass baby boomers as the largest generation in the electorate—yet they show up to the polls at far a lower rate than any other demographic. We wanted that to change,” says Josh Lowman, Gold Front creative director and director of the campaign videos. “In this election cycle in particular, we knew there would be a lot of scary political advertising. For millennials in particular, we felt there was a need for an election message that led with comedy.

The campaign idea emerged out of agency conversations about the similarities between voting and one of today’s most engaging marketing tactics, the pop-up experience.

“It occurred to us that polling places and massively popular pop-up experiences have a lot in common—the lines, the list, the temporary installations, the stickers, the Instagram selfies and celebrity buzz,” Lowman says. “That made us laugh, so we went with it.”

In a promotional video running on social media, the campaign highlights how voting brings together all the best features that make for a great pop-up:

So don’t miss your chance to be a part of a nationwide moment to remember. And don’t forget your sticker.


Agency: Gold Front
Creative Director: Josh Lowman
Copywriter: Weldon Pless
Producer: Winnie Wong
Associate Producer: Annie Leung
Account Lead: Alex Romero
Creative Strategist: Karen X. Cheng

Video Production
Director: Josh Lowman
Director of Photography: Donavan Sell
1st AC: Austin Hobart
2nd AC: Annie Li
Gaffer: Mila Puccini
BB/Swing: Lawrence Ma
Production Designer: Kiersten Stevens
Set Decorator: Justin Aragon
HMU/Wardrobe: Adriana Gutierrez
Sound Mixer: Stephen Thorpe
Production Assistant: Nilo Batle
Production Assistant: Vladimir Ponomarev
Editor: Tim Fender
VFX: Andrew Birchett
Colorist: Sean Wells
Post Sound Mixer/Designer: Jeremiah Moore

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