Insert giant head of movie star here

So, I can’t say I’ve ever waxed nostalgic about movie posters but it seems everyone else is. Check out this missive about the blandness of today’s one sheets. He’s right, they do all look the same, giant heads of stars all trying for top billing. Even pop culture bible Entertainment Weekly, in its most recent issue, dissects the upcoming Cameron Diaz release, In Her Shoes, which showcases the starlet over her co-stars, Shirley MacLaine and Toni Collette. (Two weeks ago, the magazine—aping an Adweek favorite feature—pointed out the similarities between the posters for Just Like Heaven and My Date with Drew. Subscriptions are required for both EW links.) So maybe these people do have a point. But considering that most Hollywood films are retreads of each other (or past television shows), perhaps the trend isn’t that surprising.