This Ingenious Dinner Plate, Invented by an Ad Agency, Can Lighten a Meal by 30 Calories

Check out BBDO Bangkok's AbsorbPlate

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Some of the best food on Earth is pretty greasy, so one agency in Thailand has come up with a simple way to lighten things up.

BBDO Bangkok partnered with the Thai Health Promotion Foundation to address Thailand's obesity problem, largely linked to the amount of oil used in the country's popular cuisine. 

Instead of trying to change how the food is cooked, the client and agency chose instead to focus on how the food is served.

They created the AbsorbPlate, which features 500 perforations that catch and hold some of the grease from your meal. They claim it will capture 7 mL of oil, which is about one and a half teaspoons. That's not much, but it does shave about 30 calories off the total.

Check out the video case study and credits below:


Client : Thai Health Promotion Foundation
Advertising Agency : BBDO Bangkok

Chief Creative Officer : Suthisak Sucharittanonta
Executive Creative Director : Anuwat Nitipanont
Creative Director : Pitha Udomkanjananan
Art Director : Nattagorn Thairattanasuwan
Copywriter : Manamai Rodpetch
Client Service Director: Vasanai Pakapongpan

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