Infomercial Pariah Vince Offer Returns With Brand-New Spot

Pokes fun at 2009 arrest in Schticky pitch

We hadn't heard much from former infomercial wunderkind Vince Offer since early 2009, when he was arrested for allegedly punching a prostitute—and getting punched himself, judging by the sad photos that made the rounds. He did a Slap Chop parody for Eminem in 2010. But now he's truly back in his element with a brand-new infomercial for a brand-new product called the Schticky—a reusable lint roller made from some kind of silicone. Vince, whose nasally, high-energy pitches for the ShamWow! towel made him famous, is as weirdly compelling as ever in the new spot, which even pokes fun at his now-sordid past—one shot shows him posing for a booking photo, and even includes the correct details. (He was indeed arrested on Feb. 7, 2009, in Miami Beach. See, even if you're accused of felony battery, you just know you'll laugh about it someday!) In the end, no one was going to keep Vince down, and anyway the product is a perfect fit. This is a guy with plenty of experience in schticky situations. Via Work That Matters.