Infographics Reveal Scope of Pet Owners’ Weirdness and Depravity

Infographics work best when they cast light on obsessive behavior, and few things are as obsessive as people's relationships with their pets. After the jump, check out two such infographics—one about dogs in social media, the other listing 20 crazy facts about pet ownership in America. According to the first chart, more than one in 10 owners have made their dogs join Facebook. This would seem to mean people like Facebook, but in fact it could imply the opposite—that people think Facebook is amusing but disposable. Check out this other factoid: Given the choice of keeping their dog or keeping Facebook, just 7 percent of owners said they'd keep Facebook. So, there. On the downside for dogs, 38 percent of owners said they'd keep Internet over their dog and 26 percent would keep their cell phone rather than their dog.