Infographic: How Drunk Can You Get at Your Office Holiday Party?

Don't overdo it, unless you're obliged to

It's hard to say which is worse—the glut of holiday-office-party-themed advertising that comes with Christmastime, or the holiday office parties themselves. Luckily, New York's Grub Street can help you with the latter, coming up with a handy infographic on how poleaxed you can get around your bosses and co-workers during the festivities. They are suspiciously thorough instructions, it should be noted. It's less of a guide and more of a drunken algorithm, whose variables include where you work, your position there, and who else will be attending. This story explains it in more detail. It may very well help some of you, so I suggest giving it a read. Unless you work in Japan, in which case you should drink what your superiors hand you and belt out whichever Elvis songs are programmed into the karaoke machine. Full infographic after the jump.