Infographic: Is a Barbie Body Possible?

How the Mattel doll shapes up against real women

Four out of five 10-year-olds say that they're afraid of being fat; 42 percent of girls in first through third grade wish they were thinner; half of girls aged 9 or 10 claim that they feel better about themselves when they're dieting. has some real-beauty sketches of its own—and they're pretty depressing. Now, the site is putting weight obsession in context by looking at how real women stack up against the world's most notable doll—Barbie. Check out the infographic below to see just how removed from reality the Mattel doll is. As notes, according to data from the Yale Center for Eating and Weight Disorders, the average woman would have to grow 2 feet taller, extend her neck length by 3.2 inches, gain 5 inches in chest size, and lose 6 inches in waist circumference to look like Barbie. That's going to hurt a bit. Another shocking, historical tidbit from the site: Mattel's Slumber Party Barbie, released in the 1960s, came with a scale permanently stuck at 110 pounds, and a small book titled "How to Lose Weight," whose only advice inside was "Don't eat!"