In New Ads, Ohio Lottery Winners Feel Like a Million Bucks Even After Winning a Lot Less

Marcus Thomas slow-mo's a new campaign

Sometimes, winning as little as $50 can make you feel like a million bucks.

And that’s a good thing, because the odds of scratching an Ohio Lottery instant game ticket and finding a seven-figure payout are mighty slim indeed. Most of us, however, would get a real boost from a five-, four-, three- or even two-figure windfall.

“We decided to focus on these smaller amounts” in new ads, says Eric Holman, associate creative director at Marcus Thomas. “It’s more believable to people that they can win enough to buy a used guitar versus winning enough to buy your own tropical island.”

Sure, don’t bother adding to the kids’ college fund. Shoot the whole wad on some crap. That’s the American way! Take, for example, doofus Dad in our first spot below, who blows his $500 prize on a second-hand ax for a taste of the rebellious rocker fantasy that should have died in middle school:

“This concept resonated with respondents in testing because it communicates that anyone can win—and fulfill dreams,” Holman says. “And while dreaming big is great, it comes down to real life and what can make you happy right now.”

How about a few days at the spa? Would that make you happy? After plunking down $5,000, this hot-tub surfer (with nacho pyramid in easy reach) looks contentedly chill:

But you know, the best thing about coming into money—say, $20,000—is that it allows you to separate yourself from the masses and do things your way. With a touch of style and class. And nothing says class like his-and-hers scooters:

Finally, we see how just $200 can brighten your day. Why not pick up noise-canceling headphones and eliminate some of life’s jarring annoyances, like the kids and doofus Dad screaming at the dinner table?

Hey, with those high-tech wonders, you could even silence the brain-drubbing din of commercials!

Client: Ohio Lottery Commission, Cleveland
Agency: Marcus Thomas, Cleveland
Chief Idea Officer: Joanne Kim
CD/AD: Eric Holman
CW: Kevin Delsanter
Agency Producer: Jerrod McMillin
Account Supervisor: Debbie Pirone
Media Director: Elizabeth Ballash

Production Co./Post: The PPS Group
Director: Mike Goubeaux
D.P.: Dallas Sterling
Exec Producer: Deb Price
Editor: Preston Price

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Composer: Jay Green
Producer: Rebecca Senneway