In a Very Catchy Rap Music Video, Diet Dr Pepper Is Telling Customers to Treat Themselves

You won't be able to get the self-empowering jingle out of your head

Onion Labs created a music video campaign for Diet Dr Pepper.
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Thanks to Parks and Recreation, we’re living in the Treat Yourself era. And Diet Dr Pepper is capitalizing on it in a new campaign encouraging people to do just that—with a rap that you won’t be able to get out of your head for days afterward.

The campaign, “Celebrate Your Sweet Successes With The Sweet Reward of Diet Dr Pepper,” comes to life in a music video for the original tune, “Crack that Pepper.” It was created by Onion Labs, the in-house content agency arm of the satirical publication The Onion, in partnership with media agency Initiative. In it, a man—23 Skinny—lies in a bathtub surrounded by cans of Diet Dr Pepper, rapping about his long to-do list, and how he rewards himself when he checks something off said list. (Naturally, the reward is a can of Diet Dr Pepper.)

“My chore list got like 15 things,” he raps. “And when I get one done, I gotta sing, ‘Crack that Pepper.’”

He goes on to rap about a number of mundane chores and mindless tasks—doing your taxes, reading an article (not just the headline), baking a loaf of bread—and that when he completes them, he rewards himself with a can of Diet Dr Pepper. Later on, he’s joined by a “sidekick” and back-up vocalist, Lil Pep. The ad, which debuted on Facebook, stays with you long after it ends—mostly because the rap in the music video is just so catchy.

A statement from Onion Labs said that Diet Dr Pepper wants to brand itself as the “everyday champagne,” to celebrate the little victories in life.

“You win the world series, you pop champagne,” the release said. “You finally make your bed before leaving for work, you crack open that Diet Dr Pepper! In this music video, Diet Dr Pepper serves as the ‘everyday champagne’ for those small everyday accomplishments we can all relate to. From that weekly load of laundry to finding a parking spot right out front.”

Eric Munn, a senior copywriter for Onion Labs, created the song. He spearheaded the project with video creative director Abe Zverow and director of post production Rashid Lamarre. The latter two performed in the video, as well as produced it.

@dianapearl_ Diana is the brand marketing editor at Adweek and managing editor of Brandweek.