Impressive Student Ads Memorably Show Moms Exiled to Toilet Stalls to Breastfeed

Nice work from Texas

Do you like eating in public restrooms? Or does the sight of a toilet and the acrid scent of piss ruin your appetite?

Johnathan Wenske and Kris Haro, both juniors at the University of North Texas, created these nicely made student ads depicting young mothers breastfeeding on toilets—to support bill HB1706 in the Texas legislature, which would protect mothers from harassment and discrimination when they breastfeed their children in public.

The creatives were inspired by the story of a woman who was harassed for breastfeeding in a Target. They decided to shoot three young mothers, perhaps because young moms are least likely to breastfeed. To their credit, the ads don't try to shock. They merely capture the everyday situation many mothers face "when nurture calls." They don't go overboard by art directing a dirty bathroom or even a poorly lit bathroom, but the images are still powerful because breastfeeding in a toilet stall, even a reasonably clean toilet stall, is disgusting.

The three simple headlines are pretty perfect, too.

Seeing breastfeeding in another light—from the perspective of moms forced to nurture an infant in a toilet stall—might help more people to see that the cost of their comfort is another's discomfort. And they might even decide to look away instead of having their say.

See the ads below. Via Yahoo.

@rebeccacullers Rebecca Cullers is a contributor to Adweek.