‘Impossible Dream’ remixed for World Cup

The World Cup has inspired new versions of Honda’s “Impossible Dream” spot. There’s this one, posted on YouTube, which crudely but comically places England players’ heads, jaws flapping as they sing, on the Honda traveler’s body. Perhaps inspired by this, Honda and Wieden + Kennedy in London did their own remix and posted it on the Honda.co.uk homepage, to wish England luck in the tournament. Each of the vehicles now flies a little England flag—and there’s a not-so-little England flag on the hot-air balloon. At the end, Garrison Keillor says, “Come on, England. Keep the dream alive.” And speaking of Wieden in London, check out their blog entries here and here for more on that “controversial” Wayne Rooney ad. (Also, see how one bar owner in England has installed indoor turf for the World Cup.)

—Posted by Tim Nudd