I’ll gladly get frosty with this Wendy’s posse

Wendy's has a new Frosty flavor absurdly named the Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty, and has formed a parody boy band called the Frosty Posse to market it. They had an excellent ad buy for the campaign on American Idol's Web site (rather goes with the theme) that caught my eye the moment I landed on it. Head over to the microsite to get a BOGO coupon, and scroll way down to the bottom to hear the tune redone as a country song and a rap song. Don't miss the meta "making of" video, either. As parody pop posses go, they manage to be neither as edgy as the SNL boys (NSFW), as witty as Flight of the Conchords, nor as catchy as the FreeCreditReport guys. But as a lover of all things faux boy band, I still like it. I also want to "get frosty" with the one named Brandon. Hey, we all have our weaknesses.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers