Ikea’s Porta-Potty Is the Tardis of Toilets

Step into 200 square feet of luxury

We've been writing a lot about Ikea lately—its full store inside a banner ad, its rent-paying catalog, its throwback-futuristic home-theater systems. Here's another great idea to add to the pile—the chemical toilet that's much more than it appears. Ad agency 1861 United set up an average-looking Ikea Porta-Potty at last month's Milan Furniture Fair. But when you stepped inside, it wasn't average at all—it turned out to be a luxurious 200-square-foot Ikea bathroom, outfitted with all sorts of Ikea products. Hidden cameras in the case-study video below capture the obvious delight of the bathroom's users, who not only experience the joy of surprise but avoid the dreaded toxic cube they were expecting. It's yet another brilliant example of how, in its best marketing, Ikea plays with the concept of expanding small spaces—here subverting the expectation of an unpleasantly cramped environment with a surprisingly Tardis-like roomy interior. Via Adverblog.