Ikea Piggybacks on Apple With Playful Ads for Its Wireless-Charging Lamp

Your iPhone X's new best friend

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One of the great things about Ikea is that it’s not afraid to jump on current events and even have fun with other brands. So many market leaders are above that kind of thing—it’s an underdog strategy, mostly. But Ikea doesn’t just do it—it does it well.

Its latest playful ads are inspired by Apple, which just announced wireless charging on the new iPhone X. Ikea embraced wireless charging two years ago—it has lamps and side tables that have the technology built in. And so, the new digital ads reference Apple in various ways, while pushing products like the Riggad wireless-charging lamp.

Ikea says it loves reacting to news items, particularly when it has a related solution to sell.

“One of the main advantages of being a brand in the 21st century are the opportunities given to us by digital outlets and social media—how we can react and take part of ongoing happenings around the world and create forums for discussion,” says Jeroen Hubert, global marketing communication manager at Ikea Group.

“Wireless charging has been around for a while,” Johan Holmgren, creative director at Acne, which made the new ads with Ikea Creative Hub. “But as it’s getting increasingly democratized, we felt it was important to tap into the discussion—bringing a relevant message about how technology helps us in our everyday and how Ikea tackles that in their products.”

“Ikea has been very progressive with wireless charging, and we are thrilled that new iPhone owners finally can make use of one of the most powerful lamps we’ve ever made,” adds Morten Kjær, creative director at Ikea Creative Hub.

The kicker? Apple, once the ultimate underdog, would never do anything this playful itself in social media. Unlike Ikea, it just hasn’t stayed as down-to-earth.

Agency: Ikea Creative Hub / Acne
Client: Ikea
Creative Director Ikea Creative Hub: Morten Kjær
Creative Director Acne: Johan Holmgren
Creatives Acne: Tiago Pinho, Isaac Bonnier, Joel Lindblad, Simon Saarinen, Christian Karlsson, Anton Bolin
Executive Producer Acne: David Olsson
Producer Acne: Maria Widemar
Project Leader Acne: Lovisa Friman Bendz
Photographer Acne: Anders Kylberg
Final Art Acne: Johan Lundgren
Social media manager Acne: Rocio Garrido Rus
Assignment Manager Ikea Creative Hub: Mia Malmström
Assignment Leader Ikea Creative Hub: Louice Alvarsson
Client Ikea: Jeroen Hubert, Anna Larsen

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.