Ikea Pays Rent on Portion of Your Home Its Catalog Occupies

Monthly checks redeemable in store

Completing our Ikea trifecta (following the store inside a banner ad and the new Uppleva line of multimedia furniture), the Swedish chain just won a Yellow Pencil at the 2012 D&AD awards for a campaign designed to keep its annual catalog in Australian homes for longer stretches of time. Since the chain's furniture helps people save space, ad agency 303Lowe decided to offer monthly in-store redeemable "rent checks" to cover the 22-by-20 centimeters the catalog occupies in people's homes. It'd sure be great if all my freeloading, space-hogging catalogs had to pay up or get tossed out on their spines. Sayonara, Sears! See you in hell, L.L. Bean! My wife's Victoria's Secret volumes, however, would stay where they are—in the bottom drawer, beneath my sweatshirts. Via The Inspiration Room.