Ikea Brightens Up Little Corners of the World in These Fun Print Ads

An oasis of color

Ikea nicely contrasts its colorful design sense with the drabness of the world at large in these print ads from TBWA in Portugal. Apparently, going with Ikea means you get a balcony in buildings that otherwise don't have any.

The approach recalls Jung von Matt/Elbe's outdoor ads for home-improvement chain OBI. A splash of color in a gray landscape is so good at communicating a freshness of vision.

Full ads below. Via Ads of the World.

Click the images to enlarge.


Client: Ikea

Agency: TBWA, Lisbon

Creative Director: Leandro Alvarez

Art Director: Julliano Bertoldi

Copywriter: Joao Ribeiro

Photographer: Yves Callewaert

Retouch: Whitelab

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