If You’ve Ever Wondered How a Porsche Would Handle a Ski Slope, Watch This

Playtime at Sugarbush in Vermont

If you want to slide down a ski slope in your car, Porsche suggests the 911 Carrera 4S.

This new video for the brand, filmed at the Sugarbush Resort in Vermont, melds car porn with snow porn. Filled with explanation from instructors at the Porsche Driving School, it mostly consists of luxury sports cars drifting around slaloms, spraying powder. It's gorgeously shot. It's also surprisingly entertaining, as informational videos go.

"We're actually on the trail Cracker Jack, which has a lot of undulating terrain," says one teacher. "Just like you would carve a turn on your skis, you can do that with a 911 very effectively."

For anyone who's ever been stuck on a snowy New England road, that's probably an appealing proposition. In fact, it's actually refreshing to see a car ad that manages to be both engaging and straightforward (as opposed to totally fantastical).

Still, it's hard not to wonder how Porsche would fare against an army of monster snowmen.