If Twitter were to fall into the wrong hands

The U.S. Army has its bandoliers in a twist over Twitter, issuing a report citing the "potential for terrorist use of Twitter." I guess the military has been getting pretty high-tech and youth-savvy of late, what with its mall-based ("We're not recruiting!") video-arcade push. The Army's apparently concerned that Twitter is "already used by some members to post and support extremist ideologies and perspectives," so terrorists could possibly use it "as an operational tool." ("What are U doing right now?" "Overthrowing the gov't. U?") The sheer number of outages would make Twitter somewhat impractical for command and control purposes, but there is one account I'd urge the Pentagon to follow: twitter.com/bmorrissey. He's already got more than 2,700 rabid "followers," and he's always "training" for something. And this guy, twitter.com/nudd, wasn't even born in this country! As for twitter.com/griner, well, he's from Alabama—nuff said there. Ah well, the army's probably just pissed that twitter.com/usmarines got there first.

—Posted by David Gianatasio