If Superheroes Had Brand Sponsors

Roberto Vergati Santos imagines some heroic endorsements

Hey, being a superhero is expensive. Costume constantly getting scorched by alien eye-lasers, secret Arctic sanctum's coffeemaker always on the fritz … it adds up. So, what if superheroes had brand sponsors to help foot the bill? Italian designer Roberto Vergati Santos had some fun assembling a gallery of images imagining what branded heroism might look like. There's The Flash, brought to you by Red Bull. And Batman, with limited commercial interruption from Nike. Silver Surfer's Apple logo looks so subtle you'd hardly notice it, but I don't think the same could be said of an Armani-emblazoned Superman. Check out Santos's full gallery for many more examples, including some of the TV versions of heroes that were so low-budget, a corporate logo could only have improved the look.