If smoking kills you, you have to stop killing

Cross some Adult Swim-style visuals with South Park attitude, add a dash of '70 Justice League sensibility, and what do you get? I'd have guessed a stinking mess. Surprise! This European Union anti-smoking campaign, which follows the exploits of a quartet of butt-kicking superhero freaks called the Helpers, is fantastic x 4. With channels on DailyMotion and YouTube, this campaign provides what American Legacy's scare tactics never have: a valid reason to quit. Why harm yourself (and slowly destroy others via second-hand smoke) when you could live longer and brutally hack humanity to pieces? Makes sense to me! "Serkill," above, which is the best Helpers vignette (though the rest are fine, too), depicts a serial killer of pizza delivery men who's too smoked-out to chase down new prey. Once he plucks the cancer-sticks from his pie-hole, it's mayhem and murder to go! These clips transcend linguistic and cultural barriers and stand up to repeat viewings. And when's the last time you wanted to watch an anti-smoking ad twice? In fact, I think I'll cue up a second slice of Helpers … right after I call for a large pepperoni!

—Posted by David Gianatasio