If Running Is an Addiction, Nike Wants to Be Your Dealer

Imagine a trailer for a horror flick about heroin junkies. Then pretend it's a commercial for Nike running gear. That's pretty much the gist of this creepy, compelling spot from F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi in São Paolo. They've nailed the eerie vibe, complete with maniacal laughter, heavy breathing and the shaky, grainy camera treatment. What do old-time music boxes have to do with smack or sneakers? Beats us, but apparently, they're unsettling enough to have found a place here.

     Overall, the voiceover glues the (intentionally) choppy visual sequences together, despite getting a bit melodramatic: "Welcome to the world of addiction. The only addiction that is good for your body." You've heard of the runner's high. Sure, sprinting is kind of like shooting up. Except for, you know, some minor differences. While the ad might scare normal people into fleeing the brand's products, runners can be strange birds, and we can certainly see how comparing them to dope fiends might play to their vanity, and get them craving a fix.