As if Ricky Williams needed more marijuana

Ricky After however many drug violations, suspended Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams applied for reinstatement to the NFL this week, and a pro-marijuana group in Denver wasted no time inviting him to play for the Broncos. The group, called Safer Choice, believes Williams would be right at home in Denver, where voters two years ago approved a measure that allows adults to legally carry up to an ounce of marijuana. (No other state allows possession for anything but medical use.) Evidently lacking an art director, Safer Choice still managed to create the billboard above, which is going up near Invesco Field, where the Broncos play. Of course, if Williams really does want to play football, the last thing he needs is an entire city enabling his pot habit and getting him Mile High. UPDATE: Griner passes along this story, in which a reporter catches up with Ricky as he teaches yoga at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm in California.

—Posted by Tim Nudd