If this doesn’t work, blame it on the Blaine

I was kind of hoping that a company like Target would be above David Blaine, but since this promotional stunt is for the little children, I’ll let it pass. On Friday, Mr. Blaine, who was last seen, from what I recall, in the hospital having blown some underwater stunt, will be seen dangling, shackled from a building in Times Square. If he manages to unshackle himself, all by his lonesome, in time for Target’s 2-Day sale—which starts at 6 a.m. on Friday— “100 deserving children will have a surprising and unforgettable start to the Christmas season” according to Target. And, if not … well, let’s not go there. (The visual above is from last week’s press conference, in which Blaine—he’s the guy on the right—entered by being lowered from a crane. Has he ever heard of walking?)

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor