If Bond villains made marketing plans

24b I always appreciate new spins on marketing, but allow me to indulge my inner codger for a minute and say this: Some of these newfangled integrated campaigns are giving me a headache. Today’s example is Sony’s Byzantine effort to spread buzz about 24: The Game. I’ve watched this explainer video quite a few times, and here’s my best take on how this works: 1) Get an e-mail from Sony with a link to a video. 2) Watch the video and get an e-mail with a link to another video. 3) Get a cigar box in the mail. 4) Look under false bottom of box to find a demo CD and a note from Kim Bauer. It’s even been “doused in her perfume.” Ugh. 5) Decode message on postcard. 6) Find code under stamp, taking you to … 7) the aforementioned video about the marketing campaign. 8) Bash head into wall.

—Posted by David Griner