Ideas for TV pilots that MySpace will love

MySpace is seeking out TV pilots. The prize: a Fox development deal. Since I enter all media-related contests (not officially, just here on AdFreak), I thought I’d toss some ideas into the mix.
  1) No-Bull. A pit bull solves crimes. Talk about ironic social commentary. I see Jason Alexander in the lead roll, wearing a dog suit, or else we CGI the whole thing. Petco and Purina provide seamless placements.
  2) Fad Men. A bunch of 1970s ad guys indulge in free love, hard drugs and develop bogus campaigns for Mood Rings, Pet Rocks and digital wristwatches.
  3) Found. A plane full of sexy but obnoxious, mostly young people crashes on a remote island. I think the cast of The O.C. would probably work for scale. Or Snickers bars. Snickers, naturally, would sponsor.
  4) Seinfeld. Just put the ’90s series back in prime time. It can’t get worse ratings than Judge Maria Lopez.
  5) American Idle. Average Joes and Janes compete at doing absolutely nothing. The first one who shows any initiative loses. Sony PlayStation, Xbox and Wii could support.
  6) Hot Type. Follows the high-tension, back-room, bare-knuckle backstabbing of an Australian media mogul vying for control of the universe. Oddly, Fox—like MySpace, a News Corp. holding—probably wouldn’t object, with a few changes to the source material, like casting Obama Girl in the lead.*

—Posted by David Gianatasio

*This just in: Rupe says he’ll play himself.