Idaho making Seattleites relax and have fun

Many Western states, particularly those with National Parks, get built-in tourism help from the movies. Idaho doesn't. (No one ever packs their bags for a visit after seeing My Own Private Idaho.) So, the state's tourism people decided to make their own. Boise agency Drake Cooper made it a reality-style endeavor. They scoured the Seattle area, found a stressed-out family led by overworked patriarch Tobias Lumpkin (his real name), and took them on a 10-day, 2,200-mile tour of the Spud State, with a 24-person film crew along for the ride. The result is The Great Idaho Getaway Project, a pretty great-looking 30-minute visual travelogue (see the trailer below) that does a nice job of highlighting the state's low-key, largely undiscovered charms. The Lumpkins have a great time, seem impressed by the range of activities, and come across as genuinely grateful and actually somewhat relaxed by the end. (Unlike in My Own Private Idaho, no one dies or is forced to have sex for money, which is a plus.) The film might be a bit long for some, but will likely close the deal for anyone casually interested in visiting the area. 

—Posted by Tim Nudd