Ice Breakers: to share or not to share

IcebreakersPackaging is sometimes the unsung hero of great brands or products. There’s the practicality of the Coke fridge pack, which has been credited with bumping sales of the brown stuff. Then there’s the dazzle factor. We personally rue the arrival a few years ago of the mostly silver Heineken “keg” can, which displaced the green can, one of the most beautiful package designs in brand-dom. And now comes the slyly cute, little round container housing a new Hershey’s product: Ice Breakers Sours. AdFreak was the lucky recipient of this schwag through a Hershey’s PR effort. In fact, the product is so new, we can’t find it on the company Web site. These little suckers pack a delicious punch. But back to the point. The round disk has two openings. One is labeled “to share” and opens wide enough for someone to pluck out a strawberry, berry splash or raspberry lemonade flavor of the white-speckled candies. The other is labeled “not to share,” and not a single AdFreaker could get so much as a finger into that one. Unfortunately, we didn’t notice both openings when trying to share these delectables and only used the “not to share” option. This meant shaking the container into an open hand, inadvertently dispensing two Ice Breakers Sours instead of one. This chagrined our greedy self. Then we noticed the “to share” slot. And basked in its cutesy cleverness.

—Posted by Kathleen Sampey