I hear dead people in those NYC billboards

I often hear voices when I walk the streets of Manhattan. They’re usually telling me to get the hell out of New York. Except they don’t use the word hell. They also hawk “gen-uine Rolex watches.” I paid $75 for one on Houston Street on my last visit. Pretty great deal, huh? Now, Holosonic Research Labs (sounds like something out of Scanners) strikes some new notes in the urban symphony with a creepy audio outdoor effort for A&E’s Paranormal State. From the release: “People passing by the Manhattan billboard suddenly hear a voice talking to them, but when they take another step the noise is gone. The sound captures their attention and the message appears as though it is just for them.” Gawker calls the gimmick “schizophrenic.” I agree. No, I don’t. At least these ads don’t reek of perfume. Those New York voices also call me a “doofus” sometimes. Maybe I should try Pennsylvania instead.

—Posted by David Gianatasio