I definitely probably won’t watch ‘NYC Prep’

Hello, I'm Barbara, and I'm a reality-TV addict. I need an
intervention for all the back episodes of Intervention that I have
piled up on my TiVo. I swore I wouldn't start watching The Real
Housewives of New Jersey
after wasting so much time on that car wreck,
The Real Housewives of New York City. But then they started
focusing on Danielle, a character even the Sopranos writers
couldn't make up: with a face less animated than an Old Navy
mannequin and eyebrows just about hitting Philadelphia, she resists
coming clean on exactly how hideously crime-filled her background is.
(She was born Beverly, adopted the name Danielle as an exotic dancer,
desperately paws at the other housewives and perhaps even murdered
JFK.) Anyway, here come the promos for Bravo's NYC Prep, which debuts
Tuesday, June 16. A real-life version of Gossip Girl, it follows six
high school kids who, according to Bravo, are "firmly entrenched in
Manhattan's social circle." These kids are such hideous stereotypes of
spoiled bratty rich kids, it's as if they've been practicing in front
of the mirror all their lives, just waiting for the cameras to show up.
It's toxic stuff. I refuse to watch. Til Tuesday.

—Posted by Barbara Lippert