I can’t believe it’s not a boring old butter ad

A guy who looks like everyone's nerdy/psycho co-worker prepares an omelette in this cinematic spot by Wieden + Kennedy London for Lurpak butter. (It's been out for a few weeks.) We're served a tongue-in-cheek visual orgy of epic proportions, with great photography, editing and attention to detail. The gas burner ignites like the torch of the gods. A cracked egg explodes with the glory of a liquid supernova. An iris opens like a lover, caressing the feast. It takes freshman poetry like that to do these 60 seconds justice. Even the yolks are whisked in an arousing, after-hours, pay-per-view fashion. The ad's soundtrack calls to mind a celestial choir. The only serenade in my kitchen is the nasal balladry of Supertramp, blasted by the loser who lives next door. Here we truly have a "Kitchen Odyssey," the kind of commercial Stanley Kubrick would make if he were still alive. Then he'd probably stab himself in the face with a fork, ashamed to be making commercials at all.