Hyundai Feeling Sheepish About Super Bowl

Hyundai and agency Innocean will be running two spots in Super Bowl XLV for the redesigned 2012 Elantra. And they'll be trying to pull the wool over your eyes. The first ad, which will actually break this weekend during the AFC championship game, makes the point that people who buy boring cars are "sheep." And yes, it shows a sheep driving a car! (Perhaps it's taking its cues from corporate sibling Kia, which has been making hay—which I think sheep eat if they get hungry enough—with ads featuring hamsters.) The second ad, also for the Elantra, features kids outgrowing kiddy cars and car-themed beds, as well as an image of a fetus about to outgrow the womb. On-screen supers read: "Are we conditioned from childhood to be cramped in compact cars? Snap out of it." The sheep ad looks stronger to me to score high for recall and popularity in the big game, and the supers are certainly striking—perhaps overly so. What is striking, though, is the apparent lack of production costs. Sounds like stock music for both spots. Hand-held cameras. The biggest expense looks like sending the sheep to driving school. Second ad after the jump.