'Hustler' Does X-Rated Versions of Your Favorite Ads

Progressive's 'Ho' and more

Hustler, known for being shameless even by porn standards, has just released a new skin flick called America’s Favorite Commercials Gone Porn, which is exactly what it sounds like. Famous ad campaigns like Subway’s “$5 Footlong” and ad icons like Progressive Insurance’s Flo are lampooned to the point of chafing. (Flo is now called “Ho” and works for Aggressive Insurance.) The advertisers get pornified names, too—the best one being “Whorebitz” (though it turns out they’re spoofing Orbit gum, not the Orbitz travel site). Totally unbiased Hustler spokesman Rob Smith says the results are “hilarious stand-alone parodies that even without the porn are funny and entertaining.” Whatever, Rob. You won’t impress me until you manage an Eagle Man porn parody. More SFW scene trailers after the jump.