Hurry up and order your gay Christmas tree!

L.A. is the proud home of this "Christmas just got gayer" billboard, advertising Treetopia's "gay" rainbow-colored Christmas trees. The trees are kind of cool, but they lose a little something in their garishness. I mean, the whole point of a Christmas tree is covering it with lights and ribbon and fragile ornaments, none of which will look as impressive on a multicolored tree. I'm also not sure whether to laugh at their cheeky modernizing of "gay," which meant something different in old Christmas carols, or groan at their pandering to the broadest possible stereotype of homosexuals. (Is there a straight version with bandolier tinsel and pants instead of a tree skirt?) But all of this is pardonable when you read the origin story of the rainbow tree at Treetopia. Let's just say it starts out in a bible-school classroom and gets better from there.

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