Hungry peasants bow down to Pizza Knight

WongDoody introduces the Pizza Knight, a gallant yet nerdy spokesknight and “defender of family pizza,” for Round Table Pizza in a new round of ads (which we can’t seem to find yet online). WongDoody placed second earlier this year in the Round Table review/joust to Maiden Lane, which capitulated (closing its doors) before producing any work for the client. Maiden Lane reportedly won the pitch with medieval ideas of its own. You’ve got to wonder: Have we been deprived of a saucy Friar Duck Sausage or a Serf ’n’ Turf spokes-shrimp? Or perhaps we’ve been spared an appearance by a Dyspeptic Dragon (belching fire after too much Supremo). Maiden Lane itself has a medieval ring to it, but evidently Round Table’s $20 million in billings couldn’t save the damsel in distress. (Yes, I’ve been snacking on magazine ads again, still seeking that Cane mojito strip. After a while, the gatefolds start to taste like pepperoni.) UPDATE: You can see one of the new spots here.

—Posted by David Gianatasio