Hundreds of Hasselhoffs Stolen From Outside Cumberland Farms

Thieves fall in love with cardboard cutouts

Don't hassle the cardboard cutout of the Hoff! Or actually, whatever, go ahead—Cumberland Farms doesn't mind. The convenience-store chain, which mostly operates in New England and Florida, recently put up 570 cutouts of David Hasselhoff, its new brand spokesman, outside its stores. A staggering 550 cutouts have now reportedly been stolen, leaving just 20 of them to leer at passersby. Kate Ngo, a brand strategist for the chain, tells the AP that Cumberland Farms isn't too upset about this. "We want everyone to enjoy the Hoff," she says. "We're flattered by the attention." She then backtracks, realizing it's a slippery slope. "We certainly don't encourage theft at our stores," she adds. The company says it plans to address the issue on its Facebook page, and has a request for anyone who has stolen a cutout. "We want to know at least the Hasselhoff is safe and he's being taken care of," Ngo says. Sounds perhaps a little staged? Check out one of the brand's Hoff TV spots, from Boston ad agency Full Contact, below.

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