Humans Are Their Own Worst Enemy in New Liberty Mutual Campaign

Hill Holliday celebrates humanity as 'imperfect creatures'

Humans. We sure suck, always doing stupid, destructive stuff. Like walking into glass doors, squirting ketchup all over our dinner companions and dropping air conditioners from tall buildings through the roofs of vehicles parked below. That's just a small sample of the miscues that ruin cars, homes and property in Hill Holliday's latest effort for Liberty Mutual Insurance. TV spots broke this weekend during coverage of the London Olympic Games, along with digital ads and a Facebook app. Using the umbrella theme "Humans," the campaign is designed to emphasize "our empathy toward policyholders in times when they need us," according to Liberty Mutual Personal Insurance CMO Jim MacPhee. The well-choreographed mishaps are memorably amusing but never cartoonish and always within the realm of possibility. That should help folks relate to the broader message. Actor Paul Giamatti's voiceover is a highlight. He never oversells but adopts an effortlessly relaxed and reassuring tone that almost—almostmade me forget for an instant that insurance companies are greedy corporate monsters. But hey, they're only human. Check out the 60-second anthem spot below, and a 30-second execution (along with credits) after the jump. 


Client: Liberty Mutual

Agency: Hill Holliday, Boston

Agency Credits:

EVP, Chief Creative Officer: Lance Jensen

SVP, GCD Copywriter: David Banta

SVP ,GCD Art Director: Kevin Daley

SVP, Co-Director of Integrated Production: Bryan Sweeney

SVP, Director of Business Affairs: Lenora Cushing

Associate Director Talent/BA: Kim Noke

Senior Project Manager: Susanne Joyce

EVP, Managing Director: Kerry Benson

SVP, Account Director: Summer Dembek Latif

SVP, Group Planning Director: Craig McCarthy

Senior Planner: Laura Brockway

Production Company: Bob Industries

Directors: Dayton/Faris (Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris)

DP Neil Shapiro

Executive Producer: Chuck Ryant

Line Producer/Head of Production: Bart Lipton

Post: Lost Planet

Editor: Hank Corwin

Editor: Chris Huth

Assistant Editor: PJ Fabbrini

Executive Producer: Krystn Wagenberg

Sr. Producer: Jaclvn Paris

Producer: Kate McCormick

Sound Design/Mix: Ravenswork @ Lost Planet LA

Sound Design/Mix: Robert Feist

Music Company: Elias Music

Executive Producer: Ann Haugen

Arranger: Dave Wittman

CD: Dave Gold

EFX and Conform:

—Brickyard VFX

Executive Producer: Kristen Andersen

Producer: Amy Appleton

Lead VFX Artist: Geoff McAuliffe

VFX Artists: Peter Bullis, Jimi Simmons, Sean McLean, Dave Waller, Gina Downing

—Blind Visual Propaganda, Inc.

Creative Directors: Mark Bellncula & Tom Koh

Executive Producer: Nick Litwinko

Managing Director / Executive Producer: David Kleinman

Head of Production: Amy Knerl

Producer: Jake Hibler

Designers: Alexander Davidson, Julia Kuswardi & Jin Lee

Animators: Erik Rasmussen, Jim Forster, Joe Todoran & John Dretzka

Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld

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