Howard’s big mouth sinks diet company

Stern Weight-loss company JEC Nutrition is about to serve Howard Stern a big fat lawsuit after Stern ridiculed a guy who’s been on JEC’s diet for being “fatter than ever.” As Page Six reports, JEC CEO Kelly Lockwood was appalled at Stern’s on-air assessment of “Crazy Cabbie” (aka Lee Mroszak) and his still-full-bodied figure. “The first thing out of Howard’s mouth was, ‘Geez, Cabbie, you look fatter than ever,’ ” Lockwood says. “Then, [Stern sidekick] Ralph Circella says to Cabbie something like, ‘What the hell are you doing in here promoting a weight-loss product, you fat piece of [bleep]! Why don’t you lose 60 more pounds and then come back?’ This was horrendous for us.” Horrendous to the tune of a 20 percent sales drop, according to Lockwood, who wants $100 million in damages—five times what Stern paid for his fancy new piece of real estate in Southampton.

—Posted by Tim Nudd