How Will You Punch Miller Lite’s Punch Top Can?

Even a telescopic backscratcher could work

Miller Lite's revolutionary Punch Top can, which may completely reinvent the way high schoolers shotgun beers, frankly deserved better than the few desultory Draftfcb ads it got at last month's launch. Here, thankfully, are some new product-demo ads (from Digitas in Chicago, produced by Gifted Youth, Funny or Die's new commercials division) that have a little more fun with the Punch Top concept—in particular, the plethora of household items with which you could spear the can's top. (The faster the beer goes down, the better, perhaps.) On a related note, I received Miller Lite and Miller Genuine Draft Punch Top cans in the mail from a PR agency, and after trying in vain to give them away, I sampled them—and can confirm: The experience is gloriously glugless. Two more spots after the jump.