How to Use Your Copywriting Skills to Write That Novel You’ve Been Putting Off

You've got the tools in your toolkit already

Marketing has already equipped you with the tools you need to write that novel.

In the Mad Men era, every copywriter had a novel in the drawer. Don DeLillo, Joseph Heller, Dorothy Sayers all famously started out writing for ad agencies. While it seems more often that copywriters now aspire to write for screens, some still try novels, undeterred by how many more words are needed for one—at least 65,000 more than for a commercial or print ad.

@helenkleinross Helen Klein Ross is a former copywriter/creative director and the author of Making It: A Novel of Madison Avenue (2013), What Was Mine (2016) and The Latecomers (to be published by Little, Brown on November 6). She time travels via the Twitter voice of @bettydraper.