How to Rig Up Household Items to Do Voice Searches on Google

If you happen to be a member of the super-niche class of super geeks who have dreamed of activating Google Voice Search—launched for desktops and laptop PCs earlier this month—by pulling a rope or rubbing a genie's lamp, you're in luck. The hardware hackers at marketing shop Breakfast have invented their latest toy, the Verbalizer, to promote the search engine's new feature. It's an open-source gadget—an adaptable, touch-sensitive chipboard that Breakfast will be distributing (in limited quantities) for free. Enterprising tinkers can wire the chipboards to make regular, mundane objects commune with their computers. Intimidated? The kit comes with instructions, and Breakfast already held a workshop to help the first round of guinea pigs play around with the technology. Check out possible applications—and a little chin scratching—in the highlight reel below.