How much is that gold Dolce & Gabbana Razr phone in the window?

Seeing the Ghostface Killah doll made me think of another odd “limited-edition” product—the Dolce & Gabbana Motorola Razr phone. What the hell? A gold-plated cell phone with a big ugly Dolce & Gabbana logo on it? Only 1,000 made, each one numbered? It’s so Las Vegas. Horrendous. Then I realized I was just jealous because I can’t afford one. They go for about $1,100 at retail and are available at D&G boutiques in Germany, France, the U.K., Spain and Italy. They come with special ringtones for power up and down, iTunes integration and a video clip illustrating 20 years of D&G history. This one on eBay attracted 94 bids and sold for more than $3,000.