How a Product Designer at Imgur Just Became the (Unofficial) New Old Spice Guy

Colin Hoell on the do's, don'ts and please don'ts of hair care

Isaiah Mustafa and Terry Crews have had a stranglehold on the title of Old Spice guy in recent years, even battling each other for it. But now, you should really meet Colin Hoell.

He's not appearing in big-budget videos for the Procter & Gamble brand. He's not even a commercial actor. He's a mobile product designer at Imgur. But he just volunteered to be the face of Old Spice's new gallery-style ad on Imgur, in which he models the "do's, don'ts and please don'ts" of hair care.

Imgur came up with the concept and presented it to Old Spice, which has run gallery-style GIFs on the image-sharing site before, including a campaign with Crews last year. Old Spice liked the new concept and approved it.

"Imgur users love to give one another advice—practical, or not—so Imgur's creative team found a genius, hilarious way to bring Old Spice into the advice-giving conversation on Imgur," a rep there tells AdFreak.

Old Spice even let Imgur cast the ads, which is where Hoell comes in. "He gladly stepped up when the team decided we would use Imgur models in the ad," the Imgur rep says. "He has really nice locks." 

Imgur users seem to agree. Many have pegged him as a Ryan Reynolds look-alike, a notion Hoell himself (perhaps jokingly) doesn't dispute. "This guy's a low-budget Ryan Reynolds," one commenter wrote in the comments. To which Hoell (whose Imgur handle is montypython004) replied: "Ryan Reynolds is a low-budget me is what I think you meant."

Check out the full post to see all three of Hoell's impressive hair-modeling GIFs, along with an image of a very glamourous cat. 

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