How Millennials Can Get Ahead at Work: Bring Ice Breakers and a Unicorn to Meetings

The ultimate metaphor for fresh breath

Ice Breakers breath mints are actually unicorns that will help millennials squeeze extra perks out of job negotiations, according to a new campaign by Crispin Porter + Boguksy for the Hershey's-owned brand. 

In a 15-second ad, a young woman gets her future boss to agree to three weeks of vacation (rather than the standard two) after the candy she pops into her mouth summons a mythical beast rearing its hind legs to kick in the office's glass wall. 

It's not entirely clear whether the supervisor makes an awestruck concession more out of love or fear, but either would be reasonable. (Maybe the woman from yesterday's Secret ad should invest in some breath mints.) 

A 30-second ad, released as a teaser for the series—which will include more shorts—sheds more light on the concept. A song introduces the glittering horned creature—which appears to have Ice Breakers embedded in its fur—as the "unicorn of your confidence." 

In other words, fresh breath will help you feel more comfortable asking for things you probably haven't earned but could get anyway.

It's an entertaining enough concept, with a reasonable connection back to the product, even if the scenario is absurd: Any self-respecting member of Gen Y would have insisted on four weeks off per year, at least. 

And yes, a unicorn would be a good sidekick in most situations, assuming it's not busy running around powering British seaside towns or defecating rainbow ice cream.


Client: Hershey

Agency: CP+B

Product: Ice Breakers

Campaign: Break Through

Chief Creative Officer: Ralph Watson

Creative Director: D'Arcy O'Neil

Associate Creative Director: Quinn Kathermann

Art Directors: Mackenzie Gire, Tyler Gonerka

Copywriters: Mariangela McMurray, Josh Shelton

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