How to mend a broken heart? Call your lawyer

Brokenheart1If you’ve subscribed to an online dating service, love may not be in the air, or in the e-mailbox, even when it seems like it is. According to two separate lawsuits, and Yahoo! have both allegedly engaged in fraudulent activity to make their services seem more successful. Match, one suit claims, sends its own employees on dates and shoots off bogus romantic e-mails to subscribers. A Match spokesperson denies the company engages (pun alert!) in such activity. Yahoo!, according to the suit filed against it, puts up fake profiles. Whether employees in the companies are actually guilty of the alleged misdeeds or not, these lawsuits seem a waste of time. Why not go out and try to meet someone instead of spending time with your lawyer? Unless, of course, they’re cute, single and rich.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor