How to make love on a Vespa scooter

I’ve been dying to see sexy women flying around on wires and getting off with each other.” That’s an ad-agency guy, Dave Smith of New Media Maze, talking to Adotas about his shop’s new “Kama Scooter” Web site for Vespa scooters. The campaign, created to mark the 60th birthday of the “sexy” Vespa brand, consists of an online “guide to mind-blowing lovemaking on your Scooter.” Nine videos detail nine different Vespa “positions,” demonstrated by a pair of amorous women done up in blowy dresses and armed with feathers, blindfolds and the like. (One position, “Coming From Behind,” points out that “true love occurs not when two people stare into each other’s eyes, but when they stare in the same direction.”) The videos are safe for work, and they come across (hopefully intentionally) as more comical than erotic.

—Posted by Tim Nudd