How to Make a Great Radio Ad, Now That You Know How to Make a Terrible One

Radio Mercury looks on the bright side

The Radio Mercury Awards recently made a two-part video about "Things We Don't Want to Hear in a Radio Ad." In my writeup, I wanted to know what they do want to hear in a radio ad. And dear God, they actually listened to me. (This may be the most influence I've ever had over anything. I am hyperventilating and should probably lie down.)

While I go mad with power, you should watch unshaven Mercury chief judge Jim Elliott explain what makes a good radio ad. His answer? "Undeniable human truth." Kind of a tall order, but that just means good writing and sharp ideas that take advantage of the medium.

Thanks for the clarification, Jim! (That wasn't sarcastic, I really do appreciate it.) The video also lists the reasons people should try for an award this year. "Skrilla" and "hooch," presumably free, are among them.

And if you missed the "Things We Don't Want to Hear in a Radio Ad" videos, check them out below.


Client: Radio Advertising Bureau

On Camera: Jim Elliott

Director: Kevin R. Frech

Production Company: Logical Chaos

Editor: Nick Fehver

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