How Ikea Used This Ad Full of Naked People to Sell Tables

Be careful what you decide at mealtimes

Some 79% of important decisions are made around a table. With that small and seemingly innocuous factoid in hand, ad agency Buzzman illustrates how choices made around an Ikea table just might change your life.

Three ads have been produced so far for Ikea France's "Get back to the table" campaign. Each opens in mysterious, unexplained circumstances, like one where a woman walks around in a nudist colony, bewildered and hiding her genitals behind a handbag.

Each spot ends with the event that precluded these situations—around the table with friends, blithely saying things like, "Hey, what if we joined a nudist colony?" Seemed like a good idea at the time?

In another spot, "Gunther the Roommate," a group of guys enthusiastically choose their next roommate, who, they agree, "seems cool" and "has a friendly face." Gunther, it turns out, is vampiric, creepy, nocturnal and German (nothing like friendly fire between friends in the European Union).

In the third, "Clever Beavers," two parents over dinner casually decide to send their son Bastien to Clever Beavers Summer Camp, where food makes you sick and everyone kind of looks like the meth addicts from Breaking Bad. We sense at this point that the ideas started getting pretty thin.

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