How Far Should Guys Unbutton Their Shirts? This Helpful Ad Shows You, On a Wolf Scale

Johnnie-O has a solution, too

Headshot of Tim Nudd

Wolves are everywhere in manly man advertising like the Old Spice campaign. But there is such a thing as too much wolf, apparel company Johnnie-O claims in a new commercial from ad agency Ignited.

At issue is how far down guys should unbutton their shirts on a night out. Too far down, and you'll gross people out with "Too Much Wolf." Too buttoned up, and you'll suffer from "Too Little Wolf" and be just as much of an outcast.

Johnnie-O demonstrates both extremes below, with help from actual wolves—as well as Vine star Arielle Vandenberg.

As you can see, Johnnie-O has devised a solution: the Tweener Button, designed by Johnnie-O founder John O'Donnell (the brother of actor Chris, by the way). It's an extra, hidden button in between the second and third buttons, and it could just be your savior.

Though, as a rule, it's probably wise to avoid any dudes who bring stuffed wolves with them to the bar.


Client: Johnnie-O

Founder: John O'Donnell

CEO: Dave Gato

Marketing Director: Kim Rohm

Marketing Specialist: John Graham

Ecom Manager: Clare Berner

Ecom Asst Manager: Jessica Cashen

Graphic Designer: Melissa Castro

Agency: Ignited

CCO: Eric Springer

Art Director: Amy Matheu

Copywriter: Joseph Katool

Copywriter: Brian Hallisey

Agency Producer: Eric Edmonds

Account Director: Christel Roldan

Production Company: Rodeo Show

Director: Michael Koerbel

Producer: Raphael Leopold

Line Producer: Chris Ruiz

DP: Joshua Hess

Sound Design/Sound Mixing: Endless Noise

Music/original song: Drew Cole

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@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.