How Does Rainn Wilson Really Feel About Del Taco?

A backhanded endorsement on Twitter

Rainn Wilson hates Del Taco. Actually, he loves it. In all likelihood, he just thinks it's hot fodder for jokes. The comedian, best known for his role as Dwight Schrute on The Office, set Reddit on fire Tuesday with a series of tweets about the Tex-Mex chain sent to his more than 2.6 million follows. Check out the three tweets above. In the first, he offers to endorse Del Taco's "shitty food" for $12,000. In the second, he claims (implausibly) that the first was meant to be a private text to his assistant. And in the third, he offers extravagant praise for the brand's "new Macho BellGrande Burrito." That dish doesn't quite exist: Del Taco serves a "Macho Burrito," while "Nachos BellGrande" come from rival Taco Bell. No matter. If he didn't get cash for the endorsement, he probably should have. The brand gets the exposure either way, and Rainn's tweets are a lot more entertaining than celebrity shills like Snooki tweeting about weight-loss pills. UPDATE: "It is not a paid tweet," Wilson's manager confirms to AdFreak. Too bad. $12K buys a lot of burritos.